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CAT-TOT roaming deal progresses

CAT Telecom and TOT Plc are negotiating a possible network roaming agreement to share infrastructure with each other ahead of their concessionaires' expiring mobile concessions.

As part of the deal, CAT expects to conclude a new third-generation network contract with its concessionaire True Corporation while the third quarter to replace the existing one.

The new contract is finished

After the new contract is finished, the network owned by True subsidiary BFKT pursuant to this agreement the existing contract will be opened for other operators to use it.

TOT, the concession owner of mobile leader Advanced Info Service, is planning to set up its own subsidiary called Tower Co to provide a network rental service for its existing second-generation infrastructure to all operators.

CAT chief executive Kittisak Sriprasert said TOT proposed its intention two weeks ago to CAT of a possible network roaming collaboration for mutual benefit.

CAT is focusing on four business groups: international internet gateway, mobile network, national data centre and cloud computing.

It would as well consolidate the existing 2G telecom networks of CAT and TOT and provide rental services to other operators, he said.

Mr Kittisak added that the new 3G network contract with True is likely to be filled with important items, including a new 3G business model, financial forecasts, frequency and network capacity usage, and maintenance.

The new draft contracts will require approval

The new draft contracts will require approval by the CAT board previously passing to the Information and Communication Research Ministry for consideration and then after all the full cabinet.

But True is determined to move ahead with its 3G network amendment to comply with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission's order.

Holding pattern above Suvarnabhumi airport

Many airline flights have been forced into a holding pattern above Suvarnabhumi airport and had to delay landing because of runway repairs, increasing fuel bills by billions of baht, according to an aviation business report.

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