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Detron Supplies Mitel Technology to More Than 100 Dutch Government Departments

Mitel, a leading provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration software solutions, today announced in cooperation with its implementation partner Detron ICT & Telecom Groep, the successful completion of Proof of Delivery for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions in association with the Dutch Government's OT2010 program. OT2010 is an eight year project which will upgrade communications systems across more than 100 Dutch Government departments, including deployment of in broad outline 100,000 IP ports. The completion of the Proof of Delivery follows the contract award to Detron in March, 2012.

Prior to contract finalization, Detron and Mitel were required to demonstrate their ability to meet over 300 solution criteria established by the OT2010 selection committee. Items just as telephone facilities, as then as contact center, unified communications and collaboration, unified messaging and fixed to mobile integration capabilities and service and security of the Mitel portfolio were extensively scrutinized.   

The OT2010 award follows selection of Mitel IP research for the Dutch government's previous cluster of VoIP Solutions* associated with the OT2006 program.

The fact that afterwards winning the OT2006 contract

"We are proud of the fact that afterwards winning the OT2006 contract, the IP research of Mitel was chosen but again," says Gijs Borsboom, sales director Mitel Northern Europe. "The proof of delivery was in the extreme extensive and complex and with our successful completion, we have again proven that our communication solutions can meet and support the requirements of government organisations now and hereafter. Along with the in-depth knowledge and experience with large-scale government organisations of our implementation partner Detron, we are looking forward to a successful roll-out."

*The cluster VoIP solutions is one of eight OT2010 agreements that were made by the Dutch Government. Contract duration is up to eight years and the agreement outlines the delivery of IP based communication solutions and support in the set-up, implementation and servicing of the systems for the Dutch Government.

About Detron ICT & Telecom Groep: Detron ICT & Telecom Groep has a turnover in excess of €100 million and has in broad outline 500 employees, which makes it one of the largest unlisted ICT companies on the stock exchange  in the Netherlands. In the 3 years since its came into existence, Detron has become market leader for the small and medium sized enterprises and the non-profit sector. Denton manages the complete ICT and telephone environment for its customers. For more information: www.detron.nl 

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