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Leading Analyst Firm Featured in New MetTel Video

 At a time when converging technologies make choosing the right telecom partner more important than ever, Metropolitan Telecommunications has released a new web video, "Converged Telecommunications Solutions: Gaining a Competitive Advantage."

Selecting a single vendor for all telecom needs can help enterprise IT leaders take the guesswork out of network design and provisioning, and avoid paying for excess capacity, O'Connell says.  "With a centralized view of its network, a business can fine-tune its applications and services in a holistic manner. The results are overall cost savings and efficiencies which would be impossible to obtain with multiple vendors."

What are the key factors IT leaders should consider when selecting a telecom provider?  O'Connell says scope, availability and reliability of services are critically important and that "the value of the human touch cannot be underestimated." He encourages businesses to ask the following questions:

"Network, managed, cloud and mobility services have become priorities in every business," Aronow says in the video. "If a business isn't dealing with these issues today, it probably already has fallen behind its competitors. MetTel provides telecom services and software across North America utilizing the most trusted names in the industry. We offer one-stop-shopping and comprehensive product scope to streamline clients operations and drive significant cost savings. MetTel has been bundling these services for over a decade and is in a unequalled position to help businesses quickly identify and deploy the right converged solution so they can remain competitive in their industry."

For more information about MetTel visit www.mettel.net or call 877.963.8663 for a free telecommunications review by a MetTel business consultant.

About MetTel From traditional voice services to a Global MPLS Network and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies, MetTel provides a complete portfolio of services to customers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. MetTel is redefining telecommunications with extensive strategic partnerships and a powerful platform of proprietary, cloud-based software including the MetOne® Portal. Founded in 1996 and based in New York City, MetTel delivers unmatched solutions and services at competitive prices, backed up by superior, domestic-based customer service. For more information visit www.MetTel.net.

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