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Marmora's Jim Brown aims to bring telecommunications solutions to area businesses

On the rise: Marmora's Jim Brown aims to bring telecommunications solutions to area businesses By KEVIN POST, Business Editor pressofAtlanticCity.com

Telecom engineering firm

Adaron started as a telecom engineering firm and we started hearing horror stories about out-of-state phone companies coming in and putting in phone systems for small and medium-sized businesses in the area.

We decided to offer telecom solutions for businesses. We're an authorized Samsung dealer and work on a host of others just as Nortel, NEC, Avaya.

Bit of engineering for telecommnications carriers

We do quite a bit of engineering for telecommnications carriers. We have a lot of work in New York we're doing right now. That's the other side of the business, working for large firms.

I'm on the sales side, so I'm out there drumming up business for us, meeting with potential customers and discussing their telecom needs and deciding whether we can provide a solution for them.

If a business is having a problem with hardware or the telephone system, I'll meet with them. I as well go to business events to get the word out and meet with potential customers.

Entry: I'm from Upper Township and I spent some years with Lucent Technologies in the optical networking group in Holmdel, Monmouth County. At that time I moved to Colorado and was a professional ski patroller for six years.

I moved to New York City two years ago and got hooked up with Adaron, which was doing telecom work in New York. I decided to move back down to where the business was located.

I guess the biggest challenge in this work is making people aware that we're here. I have a feeling a lot of business people have problems with their phone systems and they don't know where to turn.

The power goes out in your home

When the power goes out in your home, it's rarely more than an inconvenience. When a business loses power, but, the results can be downright devastating.

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