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New Telecom Policy and its Impact on the Enterprise

Secondly, previously, the government defined the research, the service provided in a particular spectrum. Nevertheless making the spectrum innovation-agnostic gives more power to the operator. Now an operator can pick the spectrum and decide the innovation they wish to implement in order to provide the service without being regulated by the government.

Telecom enterprise

As a telecom enterprise, an operator now does not require 22 licenses in 22 different circles. They can buy a single license as so then as spectrum to deploy their services in a innovation of the operator's choice. As well at the service level, an operator can resell its licenses to a third-party operator which will furthermore provide service to its consumers. It transforms into a positive advantage for the operators.

As any other enterprise, the increase in the minimum broadband speed from 512 kbps to 2 Mbps by 2015 will in the end result in faster access to data and increase in productivity.

Direct enterprise impact

I don't see a direct enterprise impact. However with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) will allow more flexibility and new competition to emerge. With the new policy in place, the government will allow VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls between computers within the country's borders and between a computer inIndiaand a telephone outsideIndia.

This, in turn, will allow many enterprises to alter their BYT policies. This will allow a lot of enterprises to support their employees' phones and, in turn, save company cost.

Ivy Bridge makeover

Dell has given its entire business PC line an Ivy Bridge makeover, with the launch of eight new Latitude laptops and four Optiplex desktops

While the world waits for the fabled digital unicorn in other words the Apple television set long predicted by some Wall Street analysts, there's already a lot to be learned from the current version of Apple's "hobby." The Apple TV can show us where the company might go hereafter and the role of the TV screen as part of the connected consumer personal cloud experience.

By now you likely understand that Apple, Google, your cellular carrier, and others can track your phone's location. However you probably aren't aware of the extent to which location tracking innovation is evolving.

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