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New Telecom Policy seeks to abolish roaming charges

Other forward-looking propositions like resale of services could become critical in the backdrop of the Supreme Court's cancellation of 122 licences, which will cease to exist as of August 1, 2012. A sharp reduction in the competition level from 14 operators currently to 7-8 operators could be made up by allowing mobile companies to set up resellers. Services resale is universally recognised as a way to increase competition without duplicating infrastructure or fragmenting the spectrum. Additionally, it mentions cloud computing, then generation networks, IPV6 and Voice over Internet Protocol as thrust areas — all of which are forward-looking and embrace future technologies. It remains to be seen whether average Internet users will be allowed to use VoIP, especially since this move has been opposed vehemently over the last 5 years by cellular mobile operators.

Even everybody is urging about economic reforms, quick policy decisions..Telecommunication department is always on news about spectrum pricing, new policies which ultimately beneficial to the user not for the companies. Let us wait & watch how telecom companies react to this and how they will pass this on the customer by increasing tariff's..

This is in effect a good move by Cabinet. It was eagrely waited by every countryman so as to get rid off the clumsy raoming charges as then as the burden of carrying extra phone or sticking to some cheap dual SIM phones. It is to tell the truth a step in the direction of becoming more welfare state where the citizen's due interest is given priority over the profit of private enterprizes. We should in fact appreciate this decision of government and expect to few more like in future.

It is a good move, though belated. However no clue as but, to the date of implementation of this policy.We are eager to receive the news about the date from which the roaming charges are to be abolished.The GOI must as well ensure the strengthening of the state-owned BSNL, and MTNL, and improving the services of these govt. companies.There is long lingering problem of loss of connectivity in both these national companies, and their shortcomings are proving a boost for the private/multi-national players, to win clients, who easily get frustrated by lack of good services, and slothful functioning of BSNL and MTNL.Both these companies can be a source of great revenue earning by the govt.Non-performing staff in these companies must be fired suddenly.The BSNL's landline service, is nearly on the verge of extinction, mainly due to corrupt BSNL officials, unreasonable charges being levied, and very unsatisfactory service being provided to the clients.Email: drkartikaypandey@gmail.co

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