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Sangoma Ships First Orders for New High Density Digital Telephony Board

TORONTO, ONTARIO — Sangoma Technologies Corporation, a leading provider of hardware and software elements that enable or enhance IP Communications Systems for both voice and data, announced that it has commenced commercial shipments of its A116 16-Span Digital Telephony Interface Board. The A116 provides unmatched density of full duplex digital telephony spans in a single board delivering the highest density available in the industry.

Available in industry standard PCI express format, the A116 supports 16 individually selectable E1, T1 or J1 interfaces to handle up to 480 simultaneous voice calls. A wide array of protocols is supported for voice, just as T1, PRI, Euro-ISDN, MFC-R2 and SS7. Many data protocols are as well available, including ATM, frame relay, X.25, and HDLC. To enhance call quality with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls, optional hardware-based G.168 echo cancellation is available to minimize the load on the host processor created when echo cancellation is implemented as a purely software function.

Full support is available for both Asterisk and FreeSWITCH as so then as many other open-source platforms, and for all major proprietary PBX (Private -Automatic- Branch Exchange), IVR and general VoIP solutions. Windows and Linux operating systems are both fully supported, giving developers the ability to offer the most appropriate solution for the end user. A rack-mountable breakout panel is as well available for installations in telco-grade racking systems.

"The A116 16-Span board is a compelling solution that provides us with a lower cost per span, reduces the number of boards and servers needed per deployment, and ultimately minimizes operational costs for our clients," said Alexandre Azzoni chief commercial officer of CallFlex, a Sao Paulo, Brazil-based a developer of telecommunication systems. "Our company prides itself on using advanced innovation to deliver quality and reliability to every customer. Sangoma demonstrates these same values through their commitment to deliver solutions that address real-world business challenges. The high-density A116 is just the latest reason that Sangoma is our first choice for telephony boards."

Sangoma provides an industry-leading solution portfolio that enables the interworking of a wide variety of disparate TDM and IP networks, clouds, protocols, services, devices, and applications. Its portfolio includes award-winning voice and data boards, transcoding and gateway software, and standalone gateway appliances, designed for simple integration with open source and closed source IP PBX applications, Contact Centers, Unified Communications Systems and Service Provider Networks. For more information about the Sangoma portfolio of IP telephony and network integration solutions, or to locate an authorized reseller, visit www.sangoma.com.

Leading provider of hardware

Sangoma is a leading provider of hardware and software elements that enable or enhance IP Communications Systems for both telecom and datacom applications. Enterprises, SMBs and Carriers in over 150 countries rely on Sangoma's research as part of their mission critical infrastructures. Through its worldwide network of Distribution Partners, Sangoma delivers the industry's best engineered, highest quality products, some of which carry the industry's first lifetime warranty. The product line includes data and telecom boards for media and signal processing, as so then as gateway appliances and software.

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