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Speedflow Communications Releases MediaCore VoIP Switch Version 3.0

A VoIP switch or softswitch is a central device that connects telephone calls from one network to the other via Voice over Internet Protocol networks. The new version of the Class 4 Softswitch comes with integrated billing capabilities and boasts new features that reflect up-to-date industry trends and expectations.

Additionally, the revamped VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) switch boasts multicurrency which will enable VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) companies to accept different currencies while their operation without having to worry about conversion of price lists and balances from one currency into another.

Further, the company has as well enhanced the CDR generation mechanism in the MediaCore v3.0 and now call detail records are available for incoming and outgoing calls and are much closer to real- time. CDRs include a much wider range of available data as so then as a refreshed Web interface that allows exporting of any report in Excel files..

Since 2004, Speedflow Communications has been providing its clients with high-quality telecom services and VoIP software solutions and is focused on continuing to introduce at once-generation solutions that will allow users to increase efficiency during simultaneously reducing costs.

The VoIP switch industry continues to expand at a rapid pace and back in April, Sippy Software unveiled version 3.0.0 of its Sippy Softswitch which is touted as a comprehensive, fully integrated, high-performance, scalable and robust SIP platform for delivering VoIP services to all kinds of clients.

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