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VoX Partners With G3 South Africa On Sales Of Hardware And Applications In The Continent Of Africa

 Pervasip Corp. subsidiary, VoX Communications, a cloud-based voice and video communications solutions, apps and services provider, announced today that it is partnering with G3 South Africa to facilitate sales of hardware and apps on the continent of Africa. 

"Since February, we have been researching, designing and developing product extensions that include tablets and handsets, which fit so then into our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and video ecosystem.  G3 South Africa and VoX plan to sell these new units with the VoX VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) app pre-installed," said Mark Richards CIO of VoX Communications.  "G3 South Africa was established with the purpose of providing VoX a foothold in Africa to drive sales volume through the large telecom and mobile carriers throughout the continent.  We are as well making arrangements to ship our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) server cluster to South Africa, so that our app can be available to over 6 million people via a mobile wallet business.  Having the innovation in Africa will allow us to keep both voice and video media in-country and provide the most efficient routing of packets possible."

Mobile VoIP users are estimated to be 300 million by 2013 and Africa is an emerging market in this space.  VoX intends to package its network capabilities with cutting edge hardware to build a diverse global business. 

Pervasip Corp. delivers VoIP and video telephone services for the residential and small business markets, using cloud-based telephony.  It differentiates itself through a unparalleled combination of high quality voice services, flexible back-office capabilities and automated provisioning systems.  Pervasip recently entered the mobile VoIP services and applications arena, which is expected to approach 300 million users by 2013. It offers a feature-rich, low-cost, high-quality alternative to traditional phone services.  For more information, please visit www.voxcorp.net.

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