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Wendy's taps Globe for communications solutions

Manila, Philippines - Wenphil Corp., the Philippine franchisee of Wendy’s International, has tapped Globe Telecom to provide communications solutions to the company as it sees its sales breaching the P1-billion mark by the end of the year.

The inter-connectivity

Wenphil’s chairperson Elizabeth Pardo-Orbeta said Globe Business now operates the inter-connectivity and branch networking of the company’s quick-service chain of restaurants.

Wenphil’s headquarters and its 33 Wendy’s outlets now run on Multi-Protocol Label Switching and Internet Protocol Virtual Network deployed by Globe Business.

According to her, their stores order online from their commissary and when communication facilities break down, they have to make calls and the process can take up the whole day.

The number of outlets in the Greater Metro Manila area

Wendy’s is planning to expand the number of outlets in the Greater Metro Manila area, adding ten new branches this year. It is as well planning to open stores in the Visayas and Mindanao in the then and there two years bringing its total branch network to 75.

Wenphil president Michael Kho said Globe Business was able to present solutions to us that address our plans to elevate efficiencies in our operations as Wenphil’s main business solutions provider.

The solutions offered

Through the solutions offered by Globe Business, Wenphil would have seamless, cost-efficient and constant connectivity with all its branches, allowing real-time access to data just as sales movement, credit card terminals, inventory and online orders using the shortest possible routes within their private network.

The information solutions are as well complemented by the deployment of Globe lines and Wi-Fi connectivity in the stores through Globe Wiz, and, very in the near future, the installation of Dynamic Infrastructure Services or DIS, which is a simplified, private cloud computing innovation, as then as its mobility solutions to enable increased productivity for personnel, greater efficiency for work and faster turn-around time for processes.

Malaysia, an economy in other words expanding from its agricultural and manufacturing roots, is exploring opportunities in the services sector and is intent on pursuing opportunities in emerging segments just as biotechnology, and innovation and design.

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